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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Tot Trays, Week 2

www.theprincessandthetot.blogspot.com has some great printables for Halloween/Fall.  We used our number rocks and these counting pumpkins together.
 Count the pumpkins and cover them with the correctly numbered rock.

 I think I got these from overthebigmoon.blogspot.com. Awesome Halloween themed clippy cards! We have mini-clothespins, and Kenna clips them on the correct number, after counting the pictures.

 Oriental Trading Craft- an awesome Candy Corn project that you could easily replicate at home- glue tissue paper squares to an acetate shape (use wax paper or contact paper instead).  When it dries, add a foam border and a string to hang.  Nice! (I have a picture of the completed project somewhere... ???)
 Tiny Drop Box- made this as a fun way to keep Kenna's cutting work organized. I took a small box, cut a little slot, and decorated it.  When she cuts paper strips into tiny squares, she deposits the slips into the box.
(Wonderful way to keep bits of paper from winding their way into Little Man's mouth) Her cutting strips this month have all been Halloween themed. I guess I need to retake some pictures- I am missing a whole ton of them. Grrrrrr. Go ahead and picture some cutting strips decorated with Halloween stampers.  Lovely.
This week, we did about five other tot trays, but they are mostly printables from Over The Big Moon, so I'll spare you the details. Go check em' out on her website! :)


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