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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Friendly Monster!

* Saw this great craft on another blog. My brain can't remember where. Aggravating.*
Anyhow, we grabbed a paper gift bag (Couldn't find my brown lunch bags, so fancy white ones had to do).
While Kenna went crazy with the green do-a-dot marker, I cut out a few monster bits- two eyes, a mouth and some hair.I also grabbed some giant googly eyes.
Kenna glued on the hair.

While all that was drying, I encouraged her to shred some newspaper. Generally she is a ripping and tearing maniac, but today she was all about the crumble and stuff. :) I gave her sheets of newspaper and she balled them up tightly. Great for her finger and hand strength!

Balling up some newspaper.

I taped up his "neck" and Kenna decided he needed a final detail- a lloooong piece of scotch tape down his face. Perfect, she told me. Then,"WAAAIIITTT Mommy, he has no nose!!!"  A few snips of construction paper and our "friendly monster" was ready for action! We may make a few more of these before the month is over. They are so cute! Next time, maybe I'll let her cut out her own facial features... that should be hilarious!
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