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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Nature Walk

Fall is here, and outdoors, things are getting exciting! Kenna is marveling at the leaves changing colors, and she loves watching the busy squirrels dashing around.  We've been taking a walk every afternoon to burn off energy and get some fresh air.  My little collector picks up interesting things along the way, and we have a little bucket hanging from the stroller to hold everything. When we get home, I ask her to pick a few of her favorite items (usually three) and then we put them on this very special and fancy tray. (Party City...) I have a magnifying glass and a couple of clear containers next to the nature table, and Kenna is free to explore these items whenever she would like.

Here are the awesome finds we brought home today- pinecone, giant leaf and small leaf, some acorns, a cluster of acorn tops, and a rock.
Anything that gets damaged/destroyed by her explorations are discarded because Little Man is in the 'Vacuum cleaner' stage and will consume any bits and pieces lying around.
I highly recommend taking a nature walk- listen to the sounds of nature, watch for colors and shapes, and enjoy fantastic discoveries!


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