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Friday, October 21, 2011

K is for Kite

 K week was kinda dull compared to the excitement we had during ocean week, at the actual ocean!! I just kinda let Kenna do what she wanted, and we stayed really calm and cool this week.  I pulled out each of my tot trays and snapped a picture for ya. All printouts are from www.confessionsofahomeschooler. (her site rocks!)

size sequencing

Tracing the letter K with dry erase markers. (I just stick my sheets in a sheet protector, so I don't have to laminate so many things.)
Letter tiles- I provided the lowercase letters to go with the uppercase word card. Kenna hated this tray this week.


We pulled out our awesome, cool and very special DRAGON kite!! It was a super-windy October evening, so we quickly ate dinner and surprised Kenna with it. 

She was very excited. Like squealing, jumping and growling excited. 

The wind was great, but we decided that trees and powerlines were making for bad kite-flying. We threw the three kids in the car and headed to the park. 
Ready, Set, Go!

  Our dragon kite sailed on the wind, and it was magical. 
Then sadly, it crashed and burned.

  Quinn was relaxing in her carseat as we attempted a few more flights of the dragon. Little Man was trying out his army crawl on the basketball court. (ruined that shirt...)

 Bill and I were totally and utterly determined to get the kite to stay aloft. Kenna lost interest and we found her on the swings.   
 We're flexible, (and frustrated by the kite...) so we all got on the swings.  Kenna, Little Man and Quinn would still be swinging if the sun hadn't gone down. It was really peaceful to have all three kids happy at the same time. ahhhh.
 As I declared Kite Day over, Kenna and Daddy raced for the big red slide and took a ride down together.

 Down they go! Wheeee!
And that, my friends, is what I call a perfect evening!


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