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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Acorn Spooning

I am knee-deep in fall activities this week, and we are having such a nice time. I love being outdoors, I love the smell of fireplaces burning, and I love the colors of the leaves. I found a cute pumpkin ice tray at the dollar store, and made a spooning activity for Kenna.
I provided a little spoon and some acorns from our nature walks. (yes, some of these have a slight purple tinge... explanation here..)

 The spoon I set out is kind of shallow (one of the Green Toys spoons from the tea set), so this was nice and challenging for Kenna.

After we finished Tot School, Kenna and I cracked an acorn to see what was inside.  We talked about squirrels, how they love acorns, etc, and she suggested we set the acorn outside for them to snack on. Sweet girl. 


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