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Monday, October 10, 2011

J is for jellybeans

Graphing Jelly Beans. 
Hands down, best activity of the week. I don't generally bribe my kid with candy, but after this, I am rethinking my strategy! :)  She graphed jellybeans with a focus~ our first time we've ever done graphing, and she loved it. She carefully placed the beans on the graph by color, and then we counted them together.

We talked about "most" and "least". It was amazing to hear her form complete thoughts about the graph.  ( I taught third grade for 7 years, and reading a bar graph is HARD!) We removed the jelly beans and colored in the bars of the bar graph using a dry erase marker.  And of course, we munched on jelly beans. It rocked!

Another awesome letter identification game. I provided the JELLYBEAN card, along with lowercase letters and she got to work.

This is still challenging for Kenna- especially when the b is upside down. (looks like a q.)
 This was a simple tray that was very popular with Kenna, probably because she knew I would spend lots and lots of time with her when she pulled it out! In past weeks, we used a worksheet where each word was colored. (The word "red" was red).  That was waaaay too easy for Kenna. So this week,  I handwrote a new worksheet in black ink... and whoa- she still identified some! We said the color- Purple. Pppp-purple starts with ____?  Find the word that starts with P. (there are two- pink and purple). We sounded them out (P-ih and P-uh) and she matched them up. I can tell she is going to get really good at this! These might be her first sight words.  (Well, she can already sight-read her name, plus all of our family names...) You can see that she also thought it was fun to find colored pencils that matched each jellybean color.  :) Later in the week we placed real jelly beans on the color words. That was fun, and tasty!

We did a few more jellybean activities that I didn't get pictures of- we sorted a giant pile of jellybeans by color,  we lined jellybeans up in a long line and then measured our line, we weighed them, and we did ABAB patterns with them. Fun stuff!
*All printables came from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com


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