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Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Part 2 2012

Here are a few of the fun activities we did to go along with our St. Patrick's Day theme.
 I filled four green plastic eggs with these cool submersible LED lights. (Michaels for $7). 

 I turned off the lights and tossed them in the tub with the three amigos. :) They had so much fun!

 These egg-filled lights kept them busy for over an hour! They soon learned they could open the eggs and play with the lights, but they were so bright, I couldn't get a picture!
 Rainbow Rice Texture tub. Contents- rice as a base. Gold coins, green eggs filled with LED lights, a rainbow wood piece, green shamrocks, and some scoops. I kept it simple at first, and we ended up making a boat for Kenna's Peg Einsteins to float around in.

 (cardboard boat with peg people is in Kenna's hand.) Quinn LOVED the texture of the rice.

 She's almost 9 months. She loved watching the rice run through her fingers. She loved squishing it around in the bin. She was completely enamored by this bin!  She also loved the glowing eggs.  She carried one around with her all morning!

 :Color Mixing:
The setup- coffee filters, eye droppers, and four colors of food coloring. I used about 5 drops of color, and then filled the rest of the way with water. This made a nice, watery color that ran beautifully on the cofee filter.
I also provided a misting bottle, which Kenna enjoyed immensely, to the point of soaking her filters into oblivion. Happiness is a squirty bottle!

 This was a different technique we tried- turn the filter over and let the color run down. It would have been pretty, but by this point, Kenna had mixed our colors to a murky brown. :)

 My attempt at a rainbow.

 Drying. We are a paperless household, so I used a dishrag to dry the filters- needless to say, some bleach will be in order if you do this to your towels.

 My rainbow shamrock!
They came out so pretty!! We are going to hang them in the window for the sunlight to stream through.
For our Social Studies connection, we have been studying Ireland. Kenna can now find Ireland on the map, identifies it as an island, and knows the colors of the flag! We baked some sugar cookies and used some almond glaze (Grammie's secret recipes) to decorate the flags.
 They really came out great, and tasty too! We also tried to make some freehand cookies in the shape of Ireland, but I'll spare you the gory result. :)

Lastly, we made some GREEN popcorn! (don't adjust your screen... I can't find the pic of our green popcorn, so I'll reshare our pic of pink popcorn from Valentine's day. LOL)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day

Brace yourself for Rainbows! And GREEN!  And fun! This poor post has been in draft for two weeks, while my family has been visiting.  I figured I'd better post it before March ends!

Kumon coloring page.  ROY.G.BIV, baby! And I have to say that explaining the difference between indigo and violet kind of tried Kenna's patience today. Especially since both are purple. :)

Kenna is 37 mos.
Use tongs to move pom poms to the small sectioned tray.

:Toddler Transferring:
Little Man is 18 mos.
I set up larger pom poms and a mini-muffin pan (which he walked away with the moment I picked up the camera!) so that he can do the same work as Kenna. She is so excited that he is doing trays now, she can't stand it!
Felt Clover Puzzle.  (not my idea, sadly. It's so cute! **Need link**) I cut hearts out of felt to mimic the leaves of clovers.  I made 6 flashcards by taking pictures of different color combinations. Kenna has to build the clovers to match. She is seriously into anything puzzle right now, so I know she is going to love this.  I didn't get pics of the whole stack of cards, but here is one card example. She looks at the picture and recreates it with her felt pieces. I glued down the stem on the felt "paper" so she has a starting point.

:Science- Plants:
 Hunting for four leaf clovers! We took our magnifying glass and headed to the front yard, where there are patches of clover everywhere! We brought some inside to study. The laminated clover is an actual four leaf clover I found in 1997 on the lawn of my college Freshman dorm. 

 It has been pressed in a dictionary for years, and I got it out this week and laminated it, so that Kenna can study it and check it out without destroying it.

On the hunt!

 :Small Spaces:
Put the Leprechaun gold in the pot! I saw this great idea **needs link** to take a mason jar and replace the metal inset lid with cardboard. I drew a cute pot and cut a slit in the cardboard to fit the coins. I deliberately made the coin slot as small as possible- I wanted Kenna to have to really work at this one.

 :Fingerprint Clovers:
Use your fingers or the Q tips to make clovers. Use the green marker to add stems.  If Kenna allows, we may circle sets of two, since we are working on counting by two's.  (She's a little touchy about her artwork at the moment. If she draws even one line on a paper, I am not allowed anywhere near it.)

More fun to come! Gotta get some pictures off my camera!!

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