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Friday, October 14, 2011

Acorn Painting

 See these purple painted beauties? This is Kenna's idea of a great day! :)

What I planned- Kenna would roll acorns through paint to create some nature paintings. Great idea.

 First Daddy and Kenna went for a walk and came back with a pocketful of acorns.  Perfect.
Kenna wanted purple, and with some coaxing, I got her to mix the blue and red to practice color mixing. She wasn't pleased, because she wanted to see the actual bottle of purple paint. Ah well. We were still on track.

My awesome plan to roll acorns in paint dissolved into full-hand painting and lots of paint splattering in less time than it took to read this sentence.

Don't get me wrong- the acorns WERE covered in paint...
but with less rolling, and more brushing!
Oozing paint between her fingers, stamping with her hand, and smearing paint all over the place. It was becoming a lot messier than I had planned...
But soo much learning and exploring was going on, I let her keep at it. Once your toddler is covered in purple paint, there is no turning back.
At the end of the session, we did have a few acorn tracks across our paper, along with lots of purple handprints! Masterful! :)


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