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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

D is for DINOS 2013

I think I've done a Dino post before, but this is a new year, with 2, 3 and 4 year old all LOVING dinosaurs! This was a short unit because we were super-busy this month, but our activities were very fun.

All of these items are hidden in the texture tub. Then Kenna has to find them and match them back to their word. For the babies, I simply printed this photo and they had to match the item to it's picture. 
Examining Dino cards with a magnifying glass. This turned out to be a HUGE hit this week. Those Dollar Tree flashcards were in use every.single.day!
Find real and "nonsense" words.
Copy them onto this chart. Kenna did this and got every single one right. I am pleased with her attempts to form letters on those tiny lines- usually her writing is neater but MUCH bigger.
Dino two part puzzle cards. They were grayscale, so that made it a challenge for everyone.
Power Magnets with our same sheet from last year, still printed badly, and still usable! Maybe I will remake it next year...but probably not.
Oh, now this was fun. I found a template for cardboard animals/planes etc, and we made a dino for our peg people to ride on!
Excellent fine motor, counting, adding/subtracting work, and just plain ole fun.
Place dinos in order on the number line.
Capital and lowercase D sort.
My sweet Trio, singing our morning songs. Three reasons I stay up late and get up early. :)
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