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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bath time!

The only person more excited than Kenna about Little Man's birthday was ME!! I couldn't wait to give him this present! I ordered him this awesome wooden bath toy set from Mama Made Them on Etsy.

For a great price, I got a turtle, whale, fish, boat and two removable people! It is all hand-carved, woodburned and sanded. It is really nice! All the wooden pieces float, and they are a perfect size for a one year old to push around in the tub. Kenna really likes them, too.  I am soo happy!
Our new wooden bath toys go great with our other bath stuff- small bowl and cup from Ikea, and two little pinch pots from Walmart. I banned plastic bath toys about six months ago, while on my plastic purge. I'm proud to say bathtime is totally plastic-free! :)


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