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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ocean Tot Trays

 As I have mentioned in my previous Ocean Week posts here, here,  and here, our family went to the beach for a week!   I brought along a bunch of activities for Kenna and her cousins to do during "down time".  This activity was really fun... I brought ocean erasers and our number rocks. I didn't have a real plan in mind, but I figured we could do lots of things with both manipulatives, and I was right.
 This tray had the girls doing 1:1 correspondance. I lined up #1-4 for Kenna and #5-8 for her 4 year old cousin. Simply choose an ocean animal and get counting! They also used the erasers for some made-up game I wasn't privy too, and they used them as throwing stones in hopscotch.

 Stamping fun! I got these stampers from Oriental Trading before we left. I let the girls stamp with them on paper just for fun, and to get it out of their systems.
 Then I set them to work on a 1:1 activity- stamp to represent each number. It was fun!
 Taking a break to count the stamps.
 Our finished work. This was novel for all of the girls and they liked it. After they did the work, I let them do free-play with the stampers.
I printed this cute accordian booklet from an ocean tot pack on ????  I gave the girls crayons and encouraged them to color each ocean animal. They weren't really into boring ole coloring though. We did go through the booklet and ID each animal, so that was something.

Okay, that's all the photos I've found. We did some other things, but unless Kenna and I pull them out to play again at home, I have no photo record of them! :)


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