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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shaving Cream Ghosts

Gather your materials:
1/4 cup white glue
3/4 cup shaving cream
brown paper bag
big bowl
Measure out your glue. Sqqqquuuuueeeezzzze!

 Then measure out the shaving cream. PUUUSSSSHHH!

 First exploration into the gooey mix.

Kenna started to smoosh shaving cream onto her ghost.  She was totally into it!

 Little Man (13 months) was more hesitant, and started with one finger!

 Daddy got into it, too!

 You get the feeling things started to get messy when Daddy grabbed the shaving cream and offered Kenna more!

 High five, messy people!

It took over a day to dry, but when the fluffy parts were firm to the touch, I cut out the ghost shape and glued on a mouth and eyes. 


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