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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sensory Shaky Bottles

This is an easy way to add some sensorial play to any baby's day.  (My Little Man is 12 months old).  I used some clear containers (breastmilk storage tubes, in this case) and added some things with visual interest, that would also make nice shaky toys. ( I added pony beads, glass "gems" and colored paperclips.) The content possibilities are endless, of course!  I meant to take a closeup picture of the bottles, but apparently I didn't.  Sorry! I think you get the idea!

Little Man loved them!  He studied the contents, rolled them around, and shook them like crazy.  And lucky me, the lids screw on really tightly- so try as she might, Kenna (32mos) couldn't break into them.  Whew! That means I don't have to glue the lids on, which means I can refill these containers and reuse them another day!

For older toddlers, you could add things that are quiet (like cotton balls) and ask them to compare the sounds. Ask them to find the loudest shaker, the quietest shaker, etc.  You could make this a matching game if your containers are opaque- make matching sets- two bottles with the same objects, and let them use their ears to match them up. :)


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