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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soap Scrubby

My husband (he's such a Handy Husband!) made some soap a couple weeks ago. And by "some" I mean like 35 bars. And by "made" I mean combined our fryer oil with some other stuff, mixed it for EVER, and then poured it into empty baby formula cans to harden.  ( I didn't take any pictures, or I would devote a whole post to his amazing soap...)

Anyhow, it is a bit, ahem, mushy.  The soap, that is. According to Google, this has something to do with the veg. oil ratio, but th epoint is that it is hard to hold onto, and really dissapates quickly if theft to it's won devices. The solution- a soap scrubby buddy! :)

Embarrassing as this might be to say outloud, Handy Husband crocheted this while watching the Panthers play football (aka lose.) He crocheted the sleeve, and then made a cord. It really came out great. His homemade soap fits nicely, and it will hopefully be easier to hold onto now. 
Confession- I haven't been brave enough to use the soap yet... he swears I won't smell like french fries, but I am not convinced!


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