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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Upcycled Coffee Can

We are a family of coffee drinkers. We tried really hard to cut back while I was pregnant, but I have to say that I am not myself without one small cuppa a day. I generally stick to grunts and nods til the first couple sips of coffee make their way into my bloodstream. And everyone is generally glad about that- I am kind of a morning grump. That said, we buy the GIANT buckets of coffee that come in neat canisters with a handle and a big lid. I rinsed one out and gave it to Little Man, full of some wooden block shapes.
He was hesitant to stick his hand in at first- he's kinda nervous sometimes.
After observing some tempting shaking and plopping, he dived right in! He pulled a few pieces out, and spent quite a bit of time peering into the container. He still isn't keen on using his right hand for activities, but I placed a block in that hand a few times to encourage him. He didn't do much more with this activity, but we'll be working on it. I want him to spill, I want him to fill, and I want him to pick up the container. I've had two people this week tell me that he is showing huge improvement- I was glowing, let me tell you!
Meanwhile, Kenna has used her coffee container to store every tiny trinket she holds dear! Such a fun upcycle!


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