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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I is for Ice Cubes

I saw this idea online, and thought I'd give it a quick try.
  Fill an ice cube tray with water, add a couple drops of food coloring, and freeze it up. Use aluminum foil to keep toothpicks standing up straight in the middle of each ice cube. (the toothpicks were sharp- if you can think of something less sharp, use that.)

 Out of the freezer, and so pretty! Kenna wanted to eat them- she thought they were popsicles. Oops.

 I started out with them in a glass dish, but quickly realized that as the cubes melted, the colors were getting muddy, so I transfered them to a paper towel (bonus- the melting cubes created a really cool tye-dye effect on the paper towels!)

 Get to work painting! I printed off some free clipart of an ice cream cone, to go with our I Letter of the week.  You could do this with any paper- I bet watercolor paper would be perfect!

 Kenna really liked this. She discovered she could spint the ice cube like a top, and it cracked her up.

 Then she experimented with 4 cubes at one time.  :) 
   We had a good time with this! So easy and fun. Perfect for a hot day like today. The color was more muted when it dried, but it was pastel and pretty.


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