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Monday, September 12, 2011

Light Box- First exploration

I finally found the time to make Kenna a Light Box. I have been dying for Bill to make me a Light Table for quite a while, but waiting for Handy Husband to create something is a test of one's patience. I finally decided that while an awesome table with inset light kit would ROCK, I would be just as happy with any flat surface that lit up.
Once I set my mind to it, it took $7 at Walmart for an opaque rubbermaid container, and five minutes rummaging around the attic for some Christmas lights. I assembled it during nap time, and set the stage with a small bowl full of translucent "gems". ($1 at Dollar Tree). She beelined for the "surprise" and was fascinated with the fact that Mommy let her turn off the lights! The Light Box works great!
Daddy and Kenna lining up gems.
See how beautifully the gems light up? (oops- need to peel off the rest of that price sticker under the lid...)

We modelled a little bit with how to place the gems, move them around, make pictures with them. Then we sat back and watched Kenna explore on her own. It was a lovely first exploration. I waited until she walked away from it to put it away, and later she asked to play with it again! I can't wait to add different elements and do lots of fun playing with our new Light Box. I have a ton of ideas ready and waiting...


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