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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ice Cream Taste Test

Grab your spoons- it's time to decide once and for all- What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?
We did our taste test as a family, and it was really fun. First we scooped some tasting servings- chocolate, vanilla , strawberry, and peanut butter. (yup- our favorite babysitter told Kenna she loved peanut butter... so Daddy whipped some up!) The rest of the flavors were as easy as grabbing a pint of Neopolitan (which means it was really hard, because I forgot to buy it TWICE when I was at the grocery store!!) Just an FYI, tiny servings of ice cream melt incredibly fast- next time I would scoop one flavor at a time out of the freezer.

I made up some voting sheets so we could record our preferences. For each flavor, I drew a happy, sad and ehhh face. Then we colored in how we felt about each flavor. LOVE it, HATE it, or...Ehhhh. :)
Then we got to tasting! Look how seriously she is taking this whole process! We were laughing, joking, and generally having a great time. Miraculously, Quinn was sleeping and Little Man was happily eating some Os, so we could just enjoy some special time with Kenna. (She gets far too little special attention these days. Ah, the woes of being the oldest.)
Kenna didn't quite understand the voting process- she LOVED them all, but liked saying "ehhh"! :) She picked Vanilla as her favorite, and then asked for seconds of Peanut Butter.
We had a really fun evening doing this together. (and Daddy and Mommy ate a lot more ice cream once Kenna went to bed!)


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