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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Babyfood jar lid memory game

I pulled out our fun memory game again this week, and we have had so much fun with it! A few months ago, when we first made it, Kenna was only able to play successfully if there were 3 matches out at a time. Now, at 31 months old, she is able to play with all of the game pieces- 8 matches at a time!
We play by standard Memory rules, and it is great practice taking turns, only flipping TWO at a time, and keeping the lids in place when you flip them back over. Whew- that's a lot of hard rules for a toddler! The only rule of the game we don't follow yet is this: if you make a match, you go again. I think that would screw up all of our practice with taking turns. Plus, I could run the board pretty quickly with only 8 matches! ;)

How I made it: I got the printables from HomemadeByJill,though there are tons of memory game ideas all over the blogosphere these days. Wepainted the jar lids one rainy afternoon. Kenna did most of the painting work. I didn't prime first, and I didn't acryllic seal afterwards (read: lazy). So the paint is scraping off the lids, but it doesn't bother us! I let Kenna glue the pictures down with white school glue, and unfortunately some of the ink ran, so a few pictures are blurred. Again, we don't care! (I ended up making another set to give as a birthday gift, and with spraypaint for the lids, and less glue for the pictures, and a bit more attention to detail- and they came out awesome!)


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