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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scrub Brush Painting

Materials: Paper, tray for paint, paint, and a scrub brush (got ours from Dollar Tree.)Strip your toddler (mine is 31 months) and get to work! I only allowed her two paint color choices today- I really wanted the focus to be on the cool patterns that the scrub brush makes. She chose purple and orange. Lovely.
Stamping with the scrub brush made "cookies" according to Kenna. She really got into this! Don't put out a lot of paint at a time. The scrub brush holds a LOT of paint...
Dab, dab dab. Smear, scrape, dab.

To say that she enjoyed this is an understatement. She created 7, SEVEN, beautiful pieces of art. (Some days it is impossible for my little artist to even pick up the brush... :))
I love the effects of the scrub brush, and how Kenna blended colors. She spent a good 30 minutes painting, and would announce "done, more paper!" every once in a while. This activity ended up being totally mess-free, since she was too enthralled with the scrub brush to bother with finger or elbow painting. :)
Okay- I lied. It wasn't totally mess-free. You see, "Do Myself" wanted to carry her own pictures to the hallway to dry... and she dropped one...and it landed face-down...


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