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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ice Cream Texture Tub

This week we are doing the Letter I. We are knee deep in a celebration of all things Ice Cream. (Good timing, since temps have been in the high 90s!)

I put some rice in our texture tub, along with these nifty ice cream erasers I found in the dollar bin at A.C. Moore. I also collected a few "I"s- a magnet, a foam letter, and later a couple Is from some puzzles.

Tools- I provided a funnel, a scoop from a can of infant formula, and a small metal cup. Let the fun begin! (And the hours of sweeping up rice...!)


  1. My girls are obsessed with ice cream. Not even real ice cream, just toy ice cream so I know this would be a big hit.

    I am a new follower from the No Time For Flashcards Link and Learn. If you have a chance stop by www.messforless.net and say hi!

  2. @Vicky
    Well, now Kenna is a bit obsessed, too! (Especially after tasting all those ice cream flavors!) Have fun with your texture tub- just be prepared for rice to be EVERYWHERE!


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