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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inchworm alphabet matching

I had mentioned last week that the uppercase and lowercase matching cards we've been using are too easy for Kenna. Soooo, today I provided Kenna with the Uppercase mat, but lowercase letters.  WHOA! I rocked her world. She sat, and stared, and puzzled over it. I had set the tiles out in a jar like usual, so when she pulled them out, she found an upside down w and matched it to the M.  then she found the real m and kinda panicked.
To avoid stress, I stepped in and we talked it out together. I set all the letters out again, and we found the easy ones first. (c, o, and i.) Then we studied the others, and she correctly matched them up.

I haven't seen her this focused on an activity in quite a while. I am glad that it was challenging for her! We will definately work on this activity again this week.


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