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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Carrots

In April, Kenna and her Daddy planted lots and lots of seeds. They planted lettuce, radish, and carrots in a special raised bed that Kenna could take care of all on her own. She's been watering, weeding, and watching this little patch for many weeks! It has been really sweet to hear her talk about her vegetables growing, and the green leaves, and having to wait. And wait. And wait.
We've been eating lettuce for several weeks, and that has been exciting. She loves knowing we're "eating her garden". But today was super-special- today we picked our carrots!!

We have learned soo much about vegetables this month! How they grow,where they grow, all about seeds. We learned that carrots grow IN the dirt, and that you can only eat the orange part. She ate a carrot right there, out of the ground, and ended up sleeping with the carrot top. So sweet. She loves her garden! We're going to pick radishes this week, as well- but I bet she won't like those nearly as much. :) The rest of our garden went in a the beginning of May, and should be coming up soon- can't wait!


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