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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mini-Roller painting!

After our third rainy day in a row, Kenna (28 months old) and I were starting to get a little stir-crazy. We hit the dollar store for some inexpensive fun, and came out with some real treasures! I'll share some of the other things we got later, but for now let's talk about the mini-roller! It is awesome.

A piece of paper, a large dish to pour the paint into, and voila!! Instant toddler fun! If you have an adventurous toddler, brace yourself for paint everywhere- I can see where it would be hard for a normal 2 year old to restrain themselves once you get that rolly tool in their little hands! (I have an abnormal toddler who follows directions and hates to get paint anywhere but the paper. Be jealous.)

The foam roller created a really interesting texture on the paper. We painted three different pieces of paper (next time I'll pull out our giant ROLL of paper and let her paint large-scale!). I wasn't really up for that today, and I also wasn't up for more than one color paint. That didn't matter at ALL to Kenna... she LOVED this foam roller!
Make sure you have a large enough dish to adequately apply paint to the roller... I used a glass pyrex dish, but could have done with something larger.


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