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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lowercase b

BLUE starts with b!!!

Lowercase "b" is for blue!!! We painted with blue paint, and talked about our favorite b words. (kenna's are bunny, book, butterfly, and her friend Brenna.) Daddy and Kenna had already "read" her new mail cards and colored on them a bit first thing this morning, so she was excited about more B words when it was time to sit down at the table.

While the blue paint dried, I drew a cute butterfly and let kenna cut it out (Scissors are the highlight of her day!!) Then I pulled out the watercolors and she went to town. She was quite through with blue, though, and this butterfly ended up mostly red.

On to our Tot Trays. Capital Letter matching (worksheet from coah- here's her whole B unit) and our letter tiles. We also did lowercase matching, but those are MUCH harder for Kenna(read: super-frustrating. Therefore, no time for pics- I was busy coaxing her to try and match, instead of throwing the tiles on the floor.)

Tot Tray 2 was sorting B for Buttons. We did this after lunch and before nap. I provided our little sorting tray, cards that spelled out the colors (and were also colored) plus one button on each side. B for Blue and a nice contrasting yellow are the only button choices in her jar. (maybe later in the year I'll have three colors in the jar, but ask that only two colors be sorted... oh the challenge!) I also provided tongs, but she chose not to use them. She diligently sorted the buttons by color, and also found a lot of joy in lining the buttons up around the perimeter of the tray. (Then she wanted to sort by shape like we did yesterday, and I pulled out her muffin tin. I love when she asks for more "learning"!)

Tot tray 3 was sequencing butterflies numbered 1-10. We had a blast with this, and I forgot to grab pictures. We just laid them out in a huge line across the floor. I had planned to let her clip mini-clothespins to each butterfly to represent each number, but just finding the numbers and lining them up was joyful and fun. Isn't it wonderful to be flexible!?


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