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Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration for Quinn

Kenna is two, and everyone has been asking us if Kenna is ready for the baby. "I don't know" is my most honest response. She's two. Does she want a newborn in the house? Not likely. Is she gonna fake it? ha.

Some of the ways we tried to prepare kenna for the new baby was to explain things, like:
*she was going to be a big sister
*baby Quinn was going to come out of mommy's tummy
*Babies cry a lot
...and on and on.

She heard all that, but what did really Kenna care about? Presents. And cake. It is a BIRTHDAY, afterall. "Are you excited about the baby, Kenna?" "YES, we'll get cake. And pwesents." (She announced that the "pwesents" were to be shoes, but that's another subject...)

SOooo, Quinn was born on Father's Day, and Kenna had "pwesents" to open from Quinn, and "pwesents" to give to Quinn. She was pleased about that, but was FURIOUS that a cake hadn't magically appeared alongside the squalling newborn at 6pm. "Quinn needs cake. With her name. I eat it. Can we eat it now??" ( I know, I know. Why didn't I buy a cake and have it lurking in the fridge? Well, I did... but my baby was 8 days late. That cake had long-since disappeared into a preggo lady's belly by time she was actually born.)

The next morning found Bill at Walmart, instructed to fetch a cake that had Quinn's name on it, or else. After 30 minutes of searching for anyone, ANYONE who was "qualified" to write on a sheet cake with icing, Bill concluded that this person did not exist- so, in an act of desperation,he grabbed a sheet cake and a tube of pink icing and headed back home. My only indication that something had gone wrong at Wally World was the near-panicky shout I heard from the kitchen, "How many N's does Quinnlyn have??"

This, my friends, is my handy husband's masterpiece, done out of love for a cranky toddler and her new baby sister. Why yes, it does say,

"Happy Birthday 0th Quinnlyn."

Let me fill you in on this sweet conversation:

Mommy (in her most patient voice): "Look Kenna, it's Quinn's cake. Can you see her name? Isn't that special! Hooray for cake, just like you asked for. Let's help Quinn blow out her candle."

Kenna (in her whiniest voice):"I wanted purple icing. Make Quinn stop crying. I don't want to blow out the candles.I don't like this cake."


Happy 0th birthday, sweet Quinn. Welcome to the world. You were worth the wait.


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