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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clothespin color matching

This is an awesome tool for matching colors, and a quick DIY project! I went to the hardware store, and picked two each of some paint chips from the paint department. This board is purple, yellow, green, pink and blue. ( A little girly, but not bad! Next one I make will be rainbow!)

I used a cereal box, cut a strip to the right size, and glued down one of each color paint chips. Then I cut and glued a strip of the matching paint chip to some regular-sized clothespins.
Tada! Easy, simple and fun! great for fine motor skills. I leave this game on the table in Kenna's room for when she wakes up from nap.

Kenna loves it, and is so good at the game now that she will purposefully "mess up" the colors so she can tell me how to fix it. LOVE it!

** I made a much harder version of this game without knowing it-I got a long paint chip that was actually 6 different shades of blue on one strip, and made matching clothespins for it. Those shades are pretty different in my eye, but it is WAY too hard for Kenna. That said, if you have an older preschooler- that might just be right up their alley!


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