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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Letter B

B is for butterflies and beans! This week is our second week of summer, and we're working our way through the alphabet. I wanted to share some of the highlights of our crafts and activities.

Toddler learning is so much fun! Our capital letter B Collage craft was a hit! First we stamped the letter B all over the place on the outline of a B that I drew, and then we got to work gluing.

I gave Kenna a foam brush and some watery glue and let her get to work. The end result was a bit messier than I anticipated, since the ink from the stamp pad sort of ran all over the place, and the dye from the butterflies we made ran everywhere, and the beans were too small for her to "paint" with glue so she ended up painting her entire hand. Lots of mommy lessons learned today. :) Also, about half-way through she decided "sprinkling" (her word) the beans over the paper was a good idea, but there was no glue on the paper so they wouldn't stick... seriously infuriating my toddler.

Beading and Bracelets!
Amusingly, at 2 years old my child LOVES to string bracelets! We use pipe cleaners and little pony beads. We actually did blue and brown beads today on a blue pipe cleaner, with the color words spelled out on cards for her to look at. (That pic was blurry, so use your imagination!)

Buttons start with B! I gave Kenna buttons to sort by shape(2 of each shape). She used a mini-muffin tin to do her sorting. She loves to sort, she loves to pile up her I buttons, and she loves to dump them back out. I presented this activity on the floor on a small hand towel, to keep her in a defined area. I also chose to only provide a few buttons, as opposed to our whole stash. Can you guess what may or may not have happened last time we tried this? LOL!


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