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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dying Diapers

For those of you who know me, I am a cloth diaper addict! I love using cloth, shopping for cloth, showing off my cloth, and talking about cloth diapering! Kenna potty-trained soo early (14 months) so my diaper stash had been sitting unused until December 2010. Before Christmas, Bill and I became licensed foster parents, and opened our home to our first set of foster babies! They only stayed 5 weeks, but four days later, we got our second placement, Little Man. He was 12 weeks old when we got him, and we are so in love with him! He rocks cloth diapers, and although he ends up in pink every now and again, he has a nice boyish stash of diapers built up now.

I'm due with my second daughter in June, and so this week I dusted off my newborn stash of cloth diapers. It mostly consists of prefolds, which are usually plain white and kind of boring. Since i can't really justify buying MORE diapers (though I'd LOVE to) I decided to spruce up my stash! I got some Dylon Dye and got to work!

I was able to dye 3 diapers at a time in each color. Then I dyed 3 more in the same dye bath, and although the colors came out lighter with the second batch, they still look great. :) I am soo happy with them! I even dyed some newborn lap tees to match! I can't wait to get my newbie in these cute and tiny diapers! :)


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