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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple Activities

Supplies: Red, white, brown black and green paper. Scissors and glue stick.

Today we made an apple craft. We ate an apple, and inspected the core. We explored the color of the stem, the seeds, and the inside of apples.

On to the craft. We cut out a big red apple shape, and I had Kenna rip it in half, horizontally. (YAY! Ripping!)
Then I gave her a white rectangle and told her to riiip each side. (YAY! Ripping!)

We used a glue stick to glue the white core to the apple halves.
Then I let Kenna cut a brown rectangle for a stem, and I cut green leaves while she glued down black seeds. (We counted the seeds and she decided how many she wanted to use. We would have used the seeds from our actual snack apple, but my toddler declared them nasty and threw them in the trash. Sigh.)

Easy and fun craft! The ripping makes the apple look like it's been munched a bit. Plus, it's good for toddlers who aren't using scissors yet. :)


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