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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dying Pasta

What could be more fun in the texture tub than rainbow pasta?? Helping mommy to dye it, of course!! All you need is some vinegar, some food coloring, butterfly pasta and some ziploc bags.

Kenna plunked some butterflies in a zip loc bag, chose a color, and I squirted 10 drops into a tablespoon of vinegar. We poured that into the bag, zipped it up, and Kenna went to town squishing the pasta around.

Do that five times, and you'll be tired of squishing and out of pasta! I ensured each baggie was thoroughly coated with color, and dumped them out onto wax paper to dry. I hand-stirred them every 15 minutes for a while, so they wouldn't stick together. The colors came out vibrant and really nice. It was easy, non-toxic and now we have gorgeous butterflies for our Texture tub, sorting, and craft projects.

I can't wait to dye some other shapes of pasta. I think we'll probably do some large tubes next- to use for beading/stringing necklaces. :) And then some rice for pouring. And then some wagon wheels... I'm so excited!!


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