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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lowercase A

Today we worked on the lowercase letter 'a'. I used the outline of a lowercase a for us to practice writing. I held her crayon with her and we wrote it about ten times. I put dots to show where to start and stop her crayon, but she wasn't in the mood for that today. We reviewed the uppercase A and looked at our artwork from yesterday.

We colored a lowercase "a"and Kenna showed off her amazing circular coloring skills.

We used a red crayon, but that's only because she was feeling cooperative. Don't feel irritated if your toddler insists on making your "red" apple blue. Kenna lost interest in coloring really quickly (she's really more into painting these days, but I wasn't up for it at 7am!) so we moved on to adding leaves. I had some green tissue paper on hand, so I quick cut out some leaves and she dotted a little glue for me. She recognized the scraps as leaves, and we signed "leaf" and "apple" and "red" and "A". I showed her a picture in our encyclopedia of an apple with a leaf and stem on it so she could see what we had recreated. ooohhhh...

Onto "mail". We made an apple card today, and in honor of the start of summer, I pulled out our NEW markers! I've never let Kenna use markers before, and I'm sure that by the time the summer (or week) is over she'll remind me why, but until then... marker fun has begun! I wrote "apple" on the front of the card with an illustration, and on the back of the card I wrote a capital and lowercase Aa.

Today we read The Apple Tree by Lynley Dodd, and learned how an apple grows. (It has a weird ending, but I really liked how it shows the stages an apple tree goes through.)

We also did sequencing:

I printed off some apples from filefolderfun.com onto cardstock. We spent quite a bit of time scrambling them up and then lining them up big to small. And small to big. And finding which one was bigger. FUN times. We also counted them and pretend cooked them in our kitchen. Two year olds have great imaginations!


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