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Friday, June 10, 2011

The apple of my eye

Kenna is working on spelling her name, and identifying letters in general. I carried over our Apple theme by writing her name on these cute apple printouts (arg- can't remember where!) and scrambling them up on a mat on the floor. Kenna's job is to reorder them. (As you can see, I actually made two sets of apples- lowercase and uppercase... the lowercase k got mixed in with these. Oops!) We played with these all week. I am going to reprint them on cardstock and laminate them so that we have them to play with during other times of the year in different ways. I made a set of numbers with the apples as well. This activity was easy- pick "apples" (red pony beads) out of a bowl and put them on the cards. One "apple" on the 1, two apples on the 2, etc. I mixed in some white beads to make it more challenging. I could have also given her tongs to make it more fun, but I like watching her use that little pincher grip! I only give her three cards at a time. More than that is too overwhelming and I can guarantee there will be pony beads everywhere.
Today I just gave her all ten apple number cards and we put them in order. We only made it to seven before she lost interest. That's okay!

PomPoms glued to stickyback magnets (idea stolen from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com), used with this A is for Apple printout from www.homeschoolcreations.com was what I gave Kenna while I fed Little Man. **Both of those websites have enough "letter of the week" activities to keep you busy for a whole month. :)

More pompom magnet fun.
We had a great week playing with, learning about and eating apples!!


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