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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sound Wall

We finally moved our Sound Wall, or Banging Wall, to the deck.  Last year, we had it down by the playset and we played with it every day.  This summer, not so much, mostly because we haven't been down there very much. Our backyard has two flights of stairs to get down to the level part, and that is very hard on me... I have two non-walkers, and gettting everyone out to the yard and in a safe place is a bit tricky. (Kinda reminds me of that brain teaser where you have to get the fox and the sheep across the river in a boat...) 
Here's what's on our banging wall so far:
a handmade triangle
a Target "dollar spot" windchime
a frying pan
 metal collander
a sauce pan
a metal decorative tray

We had some other items on our wall down in the yard, but they looked kind of out of place on this wall. A huge white cookpot, a metal rack for the stove, and some wooden windchimes didn't make the cut.

Anyhow, Kenna has sorely missed her banging wall, and Daddy moved it upstairs to our deck today. Yay!!  Since we are about to put our home on the market, I didn't want fifteen nail holes in the decking. Instead, Handy Husband hung a board from the deck rail, and we banged holes in that.  Somehow, we have a lot more room up here in the new setip- so now a trip to Goodwill is in order for more stuff to bang on!
I'm on the lookout for some old wrenches, a couple metal cooking spoons, and possibly a metal picture frame or something.  I can't wait to be inspired!


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