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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainbow Cake!

*Disclaimer: I don't cook. I don't bake. I really am only allowed to use spoons in the kitchen.

I decided to make a Rainbow cake with Kenna. We mixed up some boxed cake mix (with some egg replacer and applesauce experiment) and split it into 6 cups. We mixed in food coloring (wish we had some gel coloring, but alas- the liquid drops were our only option). ROYGBV. (Handy Husband was irrirated that I didn't make Indigo. Confession- I don't know the difference between blue, indigo and violet.) 
Kenna (the half-naked chef) did all the mixing of food coloring. She and I discussed "what makes purple? What makes orange? It was fun to see the batter transform into bright colors.
Then we recited the colors of the rainbow in order, and puddled each color into two 8 inch pans.  The batter slowly spread out to the edge of the pan. Awesome!

With no egg in our cake mix, Kenna happily licked all the cups clean. (that's me in the background- a rare Mommy sighting! I'm usually behind the lens.)
All the rainbow batter in the pans, ready to climb into the oven.  I was waay more excited than Kenna.
Cooking... (in our new Range!)
Iced and served!! Amazing! (Kenna requested pink sprinkles on top, and I happily obliged.  She calls them sparkles, and that makes my heart happy.

Every tiny cake crumble was a different rainbow color. I think it looks more tie dye than rainbow, but whatever you call it, it was beautiful and delicious!  I have a lot of ideas on how to make other kinds of cake- like different shades of pink. Or matching colors to themed decor. Or zebra stripes (could I??) 
I will never make a plain yellow cake again.  :) You've been warned.


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