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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Practical life- raking and bush trimming

Fall is wrapping up, and December is barreling towards us, so there are some yard chores to wrap up before the snow hits.  We gave Kenna a really easy-to-use pair of clippers and told her to lop the tops off of our Euonymus bushes. Daddy provided a bucket for the clippings, and continued his work.

 Kenna enjoyed this so much, and did a great job independently! By the end, her hands were getting really tired, and clipping became harder for her. That was my cue to wrap up the activity.  We had her add the clippings to our compost heap and let her play with sidewalk chalk.
 She wanted me to play, and handed me the chalk. She told me which shapes to draw, and then we figured out the first letter of each shape. (I'll help you figure out my awesome drawings.... pentagon, cone, hexagon, octagon.)
 Kenna wandered over to see what Daddy was up to (repairing a bird feeder) and decided to get her rake and do some leaf moving. (I say "moving" and not "raking", since she really just pushed them around the front yard!) She loves her rake, and she really loves feeling useful. That is my favorite part of Waldorf philosophy- let children do things, real things, that make a real impact. Rake real leaves, clip real bushes, etc.  I am still torn between Waldorf and Montessori over this bit. Lucky me, I homeschool so I can mesh them together!
 Quinn and Little Man were also in the yard with us all afternoon: Quinn playing on a blanket and trying to eat grass, Little Man playing with a rolling toy and experimenting with sidewalk chalk.
 The girls, enjoying a beautiful Fall afternoon.
And lastly, Kenna needed me to take a picture of this. She calls it, "my ball wears a hat."  I love it!


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