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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Felt Microphone

 After watching several episodes of Little Einstein, Kenna declared she wanted a microphone like Annie.  Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade sealed the deal, since she saw lots of performers singing into microphones.  Since we are vegetarian, our Thanksgiving turkey was actually a "ToFurkey" and did not require a whole lot of prep work. (it was yummy, thanks for asking!) The lack of prep is why on Thanksgiving morning I sewed up a microphone for Kenna, instead of slaving over the stove (*not that I was the one cooking anyhow, since I DON'T cook.)
It came out adorable, with some felt, polyfil, and a little hand-stitching.  Kenna LOVES it and has been singing into it constantly (even at the dinner table.) She also experimented with holding it up to her ear, "So you can hear me better."  She melts my heart!


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