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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ice Texture Tub

 Ever have a leftover bag of ice from a long-gone party lurking in your freezer?
 Well, our bag was frozen into a giant iceberg, as most long-forgotten bags of ice are... so I set it on the deck, gave Kenna a hammer, and told her to break it apart for me. She gladly obliged. (no pics- you really do need both eyes trained on a toddler armed with a hammer.)
Showing me her very cold fingers!
After she banged the iceberg back into cubes, we scooped them up with a dustpan and put them in her water table. She played, scooped, threw, poured, and plunked the ice all afternoon.  The great thing about playing with ice in November is that it doesn't melt very fast!! Keep this fun and easy idea in mind next time you open your freezer to find a giant bag of leftover ice.  It was a ton of fun!


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