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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Light Box- Autumn leaves

 Fall has taken over our piece of the world, and Kenna is in love! She loves watching leaves flutter to the ground. She stops and stares above her head as they come raining down. It is magical and wondrous that trees would suddenly release the leaves they held up for so long. 
She is collecting them by the fistful. We have them in every bag and box, pocket and purse, everywhere she can think to stuff them. She gathers them in the yard, in parking lots, and on the playground. She holds the leaves up, one by one, and declares them beautiful. She studies them, enjoying how they spin between her fingers. She drops them to watch them fall. She piles them up to see how high they can stack. Leaves are amazing in my toddler's eyes.

I found these lovely acryllic leaves and knew Kenna would love to play with them.
I drew a tree onto a piece of paper, so that she could explore with it.
 She asked me to make some lines with the leaves and then she asked me to make some letters. They were enchanting.

 We love our light box. We love Autumn leaves.
Happy Fall!


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