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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Felt Map- Birthday style!

I made a felt map for Kenna a couple weeks ago. She is going to LOVE it.  Meanwhile, we got invited to a birthday party for a sweet 3 year old girl, and the theme of the party??? DORA!! So of course I had to make her a map, too. I found this book- Dora's Birthday Surprise, and opened it to see what the Map had to say.
Map directed Dora and Boots to Acorn forest, the blue Troll Bridge, and then finally to Rainbow Mountain.

So, I got out my felt and some scissors, and made the three destinations to go with some others I had already made.

Troll Bridge. (I wish I had made a troll, too. I ran out of time.)
Rainbow Mountain. I made them two pieces, so she could take the rainbow and use it alone. I kinda hate the mountain, but I was copying the picture and was in a rush. Ahhh, well.

Now the Birthday Girl can read her book, and follow along with her very own Map. Yay!


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