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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Little River

One of our summer "bucket list" items was to make a tin foil river down our driveway. I started this adventure early in the week, when our good friend and favorite 11 year old, Brenna, came over for a few hours to play with Kenna. Kenna loves Brenna because she plays with her and is crafty, and I love Brenna because she makes Kenna so happy. I cut up some envelopes and asked the girls to paint them. While the envelope "sails" were drying, I cut up the egg carton I had begged Brenna to bring (being vegetarian occasionally limits our craft supplies). I sent Kenna into our yard to find some thin (great vocabulary) sticks, and we used a bunch of tape to create our little boats.
The next afternoon, we rushed through dinner and coaxed Daddy outside to help us make our river (aka help drag the hose to the front of the house for us). Kenna was watching me unroll tinfoil from the deck, shouting with glee and truly beside herself with excitement. She and I had talked about rivers all week, and how the water flows and can move things when it flows fast. (This picture is our trial run on the driveway- we decided we needed a gentler slope so that more water would puddle in our river- and moved to the grass. My husband declared me all-powerful. Next, I'll move a mountain...)As soon as the hose was in place, Kenna started sending her boats, bottle caps, and even some leaves down the river. It was such fun! I was surprised that it didn't hold her attention longer, but she was so intersted in the boats themselves, and then picking leaves, and then playing with the hose... she was distracted. I do have a confession. Our little sailboats didn't do great in the river. The bottlecaps and empty egg carton pieces floated more easily. Kenna didn't care, though- she thought that capsizing boats were hilarious!
As the sun went down and the mosquitoes swarmed in, we carefully rolled up our river, set our boats to dry, and dreamed of playing with our river another day.


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