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Thursday, August 11, 2011

F is for Fish!!

Go Fish!!
I have a confession- I am scared of fish. They freak me out, and I really don't like walking past fish tanks, or going to aquariums, or knowing that some of them can fly. That said, let us soldier on.
HOORAY for FISH week!! :)
The collage pictured above was a lot of work for Kenna. All that cutting of squares, dipping into glue, and sticking onto paper wears a girl out.
*note* I have no idea how this craft is supposed to be set up(Please someone tell me!) so I winged it. I cut out a black fishy frame and supplied tissue paper and watery glue. It was kind of nightmarish. Here are the gory details:
1. tissue paper is thin and once saturated with glue, gets sloppy fast.
2. Painting glue onto tissue paper just slid it around and mucked up the pieces we already laid down.
3. I put down wax paper to keep the mess at bay, and our tissue paper stuck to it.
He's adorable, as faux-stained glass fish go, but this was a very poorly executed craft (moreso than usual.) Someone please tell me how to do this better!
We drew water on the capital F and stamped orange fish with our handmade fish stamps.
Okay- this was the all-day, keep on going craft! First I drew a lower case f, and we painted it blue to represent water. While the paint was drying, we cut out ovals and triangles. (Kenna cut the triangles herself.)
Then we glued the ovals and triangles together to make little fish! Cute! After they dried, Kenna drew eyes and smileys on them. Cuter!
Finally, we glued the goldfish onto the blue water, and then STOOD at the front door waiting for daddy to come home to show it to him. The kid has endurance...
Fish sorting- We went to the grocery store and bought several kinds of goldfish crackers. The minis, the originals, and the rainbows. We sorted the fish by size, then we sorted the rainbow fish by color. I offered enough fish in the activity to make a nice snack when she was done with her work. She really likes Goldfish now!! :)
Other Tot Trays:
Fish 1:1 goldfish game We used number cards and piled goldfish crackers on each card to corrolate ( three goldfish crackers on the number 3). Easy and fun.
Dry Erase games- this week I pulled out the dry erase markers and some clear sheet protectors. I put Kumon mazes in some, F outlines in others, and a couple of other fun worksheets. The novelty of the dry erase markers, and a special "wiping cloth" made all our learning so much fun. She worked diligently on tracing, mazes, and finding F in a word search.
Do-A-Dot F- Kenna did this fast because she wanted to eat her pretzels. Surprisingly, she was pretty accurate for a toddler in a hurry.


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