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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting organized

YAY!! A trip to Ikea yielded some much needed organization for our schoolroom. I've been doing Tot School with Kenna each day, and sort of cramming everything onto a shelf when not in use. This Ikea bookcase with 9 bins is going to be much easier to manage. I plan to set this up like our Tot Trays, only in bins. I'll have one activity in each bin for Kenna to complete. I plan to make some labels- after an extensive "workbox" search on google, I now have about a million ideas in my head on how to label these things- I just have to pick one! Basically each box will be numbered, and Kenna will work through them in order. She'll take the number off the box as she completes the work inside. Eventually, some of the boxes will be labeled as "mom helps" so that she knows she can't work on it without me. Right now I do everything with her! The bottom three bins will be "free play" and hopefully they will be a great incentive to complete her work.

I am still in the process of reorganizing our supplies, but I did put out our supply cans, which hold glue, markers, paint brushes and scissors. I also sorted our crayons by color using some baby food jars.

She can do those bottom boxes, plus some planned computer time (like starfall.com) while I work with Little Man, who is about to turn 1 year old and is ready to start Tot School! (For me, Tot School means I plan intentional time to work with Little Man each day. We'll be playing and learning, and he'll get some one-on-one attention.) This special, soon-to-be one year old is our foster son, whom we are hoping to adopt in the future. I can't post pictures of his face, and I can't reveal his name, but I'm excited to share all of the fun things we'll be doing together.


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