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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Green Water Table

For G week, we've been doing a lot of green activities. I set this little plastic shoe box full of green water (two drops food coloring is all you need) and some fun tools out on the front sidewalk. Kenna found them after nap and was enthralled.
I taught her how to use her funnel to fill he squirt bottle full of green water. She did this soo carefully. She also filled the bottle with the turkey baster, which she mastered today. Green water inspired her!
She squirted our plants, my minivan, and then discovered the joy of squirting our sidewalk chalk outlines we drew yesterday. The chalk color ran beautifully, and she loved it.
I know most people provide much larger water tables, and sometimes I do too, but I wanted to show how much fun could be had with such a small amount of water!


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