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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Uppercase C

C is for Cereal!
And Circles, and cupcakes, and cats, and coins. And cookies and cake, and caterpillars. Okay, we went a little crazy with C words this week. Partly because C is pretty easy (since it looks the same uppercase and lowercase), but mostly because I found lots of fun C activities to do, and couldn't pick a theme.
We started the week by gluing cereal to the letter C outline. Kenna LOVED this, and carefully placed each cheerio into the glue and then onto the paper. For about two minutes. Then it was a glue-dipping, cereal sprinkling free-for-all. Ah, well. Cool thing is that cheerios apparently don't take a lot of glue to stick, and every single one she put on the paper stayed glued down! Please notice that Kenna kept all the cereal inside the outline of the C. (later in the week she had no interest in staying in the lines, so I'm gonna take this one as a victory!)

We had taken a week off of "learning" since baby Quinn was born June 19th. My husband and I are full of joy and happiness to add this little darling to our family.
*I'm in love!*

Kenna was really interested in everything we did this week. She was really cooperative and excited to work. We got a TON done, and then I added a few more activities since she was so receptive. We did many of the games several days in a row, and she mastered all of them.

1:1 correlation- we used mini-clothespins to show "how many" on each cupcake (printed from www.FileFolderGames.com). The 1 cupcake got one clothespin, the 2 cupcake got two clothespins, etc. This is really hard for Kenna, especially because she really loves clipping clothespins to everything! Showing restraint and just clipping one clothespin on a cupcake was really challenging. (We did 1-5 one day, and 6-10 another.)

This game is also good for fine motor skills (all that pinching and squeezing.)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Craft- This was a game I cam up with on the fly. It had a lot of learning components, and you can let your toddler do as many or as little of them as you want.
1. Let toddler trace around a small glass 6 times.
2. Toddler tells you what number to write on each cookie. (we did six cookies)
3. Toddler colors/watercolors the cookies, trying to stay in the lines.
4. Toddler cuts up strips of black paper to make "chocolate chips" (toddler could also rip paper)

5. You and your toddler do 1:1 corrolation with the chocolote chips, allowing her to place the dots of elmer's glue and place the choc. chips. One on the number 1, two on the number 2, etc.
Here's Kenna, cutting just a few more chocolate chips to finish up our cookies.
I thought this was a great activity, and hung it on the wall. While I was switching laundry, Kenna took it down and decided to cut the cookies apart so she could sequence them. WOW!!! Another level to this game!

Now remember, you could have skipped toddler participation all the way to the last step, where you do the actual chocolate chip counting. And you definately don't need to glue the choc. chips down... if you just lay them on the right cookies, you could play this game over and over. Like I said, Kenna was just super-interested in working this week- had she been less cooperative, I would have prepped the whole activity for her. (I'm glad that she was up for more, though- it was so fun!)

*brag alert* I just have to mention how much I loved that Kenna was really careful not to cover up any of the numbers... she kept the choc. chips to the outside. So awesome!

Sequencing- We read Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I found these sized caterpillars to do some sequencing. Amazingly, Kenna noticed that there was one for each person in our family, and found great joy in introducing each family member to their caterpillar counterpart. :)

Lots more C activities coming soon! We had a busy week!


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