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Friday, July 22, 2011

Baking Bread with Daddy!

I'm still on my Montessori kick, and baking bread is a big thing in that curriculum. There are so many awesome components to bread-making- measuring, spooning, reading recipes, following steps, mixing, kneading, watching it transform from dough to bread, and then finally, cutting and eating it!

That said, Bill and Kenna bake bread together all the time. Since she was very little, he's dragged her pink table into the kitchen and put her to work. Unfortunately for our precise bread recipes, Kenna is not the most precise pouring, measuring or mixing gal. They usually turn out edible, though.

Here's Kenna, scooping flour VEEERRRY carefully. (You should see my floors after these sessions!) Daddy told her to fill to the "2" and she is doing a great job.
Reading the recipe together.

I love that Bill spends this time with Kenna. I love that we have homemade bread every week. (No, I don't bake bread.) And I love that it is educational and fits the Montessori model, even though we didn't know it!


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