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Friday, July 8, 2011

C is for Circles, Cats and Cupcakes

Here are some of the activities and Tot Trays we did this week. We did a ton of Letter C activities, and read a lot of books about cats (Kenna's favorite C word!) We also spent hours playing with coins, a zippered change purse and a little bank. Doing activities with a toddler while nursing a 2 week old and comforting a teething 9 month old has been interesting, but totally worth it! Kenna is learning and is engaged, and I don't feel so guilty about the half-hour of Little Einsteins that we watch late in the day.

This first activity tray was fun and easy... some circle stickers and the outline of the letter C. Fine motor skills are required to peel each little sticker off the sheet, and Kenna loved the bright colors. She took a LOT of time and care placing each circle... I tried to convince her to only put them inside the C outline, but that was not her plan. :)

Cat Can and Cupcakes- I found this activity (and printables) online during my search for C activities. I used an empty formula can and some black paper for the body. I simply cut out and taped on the cat body parts, and made a little slot in the top of the lid. The cupcakes were included in the printable, along with a sweet poem. We fed the cat, counting as we did. This encouraged her to count up to twenty! Also, the small slot for feeding the cat is good for fine motor and coordination, and of course it was fun to fill and dump the can over and over. (We also ended up feeding the cat coins. I had mixed feelings about that, which is why we pulled out another can and made a money bank. Poor cat is going to have serious tummy troubles...)

I really like that there are several different "varieties" of cupcakes... we used the little pieces to play matching games, Memory, sorting by color, and make patterns- blue, white, blue... Okay, we played with these silly cupcakes A LOT!! :) I am going to look for a small donut image to go with the letter D so we can keep the fun going next week, for sure!

Okay, you are going to have to use your imagination here... I printed off Kenna's name onto cat clipart to make letter cards, but of course as soon as I found the camera and a clear space on the table, the K and the N disappeared. I suspect a toddler is to blame...

Anyhow, I put the cards into name badge protectors, which just happen to be the perfect size to fit into Kenna's Schylling Mailbox mail slot. We play a game where we scramble the letters of her name, and then put them into the mailbox in correct order. Fun!


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