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Friday, February 10, 2012

New Schoolroom/Playroom!

Well, we are finally getting settled in our NEW Playroom/schoolroom!! I am so excited. My husband and I decided that having a master bedroom the size of a basketball court was a bit wasteful, spacewise, and we traded our tiny playroom with the giant master bedroom! So far, I am so happy I keep quietly squealing. 
Since we are planning to put our house on the market in a couple months, the sage paint has to stay, but I am making myself comfortable and I plan to decorate with funky, modern artwork and colorful posters.

 Baby Tot Trays. The babies get 6 "trays" a week. (ah, I just noticed that Kenna added her ABC puzzle to the shelf and moved the ring stacker. *sigh* She's my personal redecorator.) This week they have stacking cups, bean bags(mama-made) some wooden animals from Etsy, and the Ring stacker (melissa and doug?) Bottom shelf has handmade wooden trucks, a discovery basket for Quinn, our favorite cloth barn with little animals, and a basket of soft blocks for stacking.

(Imagine some maps, some books and a few work trays on top of that bookshelf. I can't find the picture!)

The top of this shelving unit is where I am creating my Social Studies Area for Kenna.You can see our current study work (penguins and Antarctica) include books, a continent puzzle, and some "snow dough" for the penguins to live in. Still hoping for a globe and some other goodies to add to this area.
 Under our clock I hung a foam clock for Kenna and I to begin talking about time. I have been setting the foam clock for various times(like 11:30, lunch) so that she can try and figure out when the real clock matches the hands of the foam clock. She is really interested in time right now!

 Our awesome reading nook. Ikea chair and lamp, with a daddy-made bookcase next to it.

 Bookcase holds games, books and our musical instrument basket. The top is a great work area for Little Man(16mos) to do puzzles and drive his cars. It's just his height! (Yup! That's right! He's pulling to a stand and taking steps! His physical therapists are all abuzz over it! We are so proud of him.)

 Light box, with sensory bin full of water beads sitting on it.  The clear shoe organizer holds light box manipulatives.

 This corner has a large mirror and a basket full of dress up clothes.  The blue square on the door is our large mama-made felt board.

 Magnet Board from Ikea, with a bit of shoe organizer to hold four types of magnets. ABCs, Leap from Letters, numbers, and Melissa and Doug Animal magnets (most of which are on the board this morning).
 Okay, other side of the room- we FINALLY have room upstairs for our train table! Tracks and blocks are in the two drawers. Table can be pulled out when the kids want to play. To the right is a couch,  and to the left is our school room area!

 Couch, (please excuse the mess... blankets on the floor, computer and clip lights for taking pics!) train table, and on the wall is a little Ikea picture rail that I'm using as  book shelf.
 Above the couch I just hung this awesome "artwork display" area. Three Ikea picture frames with fabric inside. I plan to hot glue some cute clips to the glass so we can easily hang artwork.

For now, we are just taping it up. 

 And the school area!! A nice big space to do all of our "learning" as Kenna calls it. YAY for a dedicated space!To the left of the blue chair, nex to the clocks, is our shelving for tray work. 
 Daily Workboxes, and above it all of our art supplies. Everything is out for Kenna to use whenever she wants. (This is my Reggio-Emilia inspired art area attempt.)  She has full access to paint, glue, markers, scissors, beads, feathers, and so on. It works wonderfully for us.

And look, I finally printed out numbers for our workboxes, and made a sheet for Kenna to velcro her numbers to after the workbox is completed. Finally.

So, everything is a work in progress, and there are little changes every single day. (Even since these pictures over the weekend, there is a Plan Toys tree house, Kenna's Rose Cottage tent-thing, and a baby floor mirror.  And a new little wood table for two by our giant white board. Okay- that's a LOT of changes!)

 Overall, I am so glad we made the room switchero, and I dread having to give it all up when we put the house on the market in a few months. (We have a feeling buyers would rather see a bed in here than an awesome playroom...)


  1. Yea! When we were house hunting we seriously considered turning the huge master bedrooms into the school room and sleeping in one of the smaller bedrooms. Way to think outside the box!

    Looks great!

    1. Thanks! It was kind of a no-brainer. I'm home all day with three babies, and we needed some space to stretch out! I hope our next home has a dedicated playroom, but if not... :) we'll make it work!

  2. Where did you find the canisters for crayons, etc...?

    1. The Crayons, markers, glue, etc. are formula cans that I covered with construction paper! The glass jars for collage supplies are from Ikea. Thanks for reading!


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