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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Trays!

I wanted to get some Valentine's Day work on the shelves for the next two weeks. I am leaving four of our Antartica trays out, along with four of our Money trays. This is officially the most work I've ever had out at one time. I am curious to see what happens when she has almost 18 trays to choose from. Is this too many? We'll see...
Cutting hearts. Kenna cut out one heart to show me how it's done. She loves the "reveal" of opening the heart once it's cut.
: Stickers, Letter matching:
I wrote a few simple words out in uppercase, and Kenna will find the matching stickers. These little heart stickers connect like a puzzle- they are so cute!
:Transferring Hearts:
Use the strawberry huller to place one conversation heart in each space.
 Here are the hearts, out of the box, moved into the tray. I have a feeling Kenna's favorite part will be the little candy box, with the tiny tab closure.
: Button snake:
Like our Fall leaf button snake, this simple Practical Life activity is two buttons sewn to the ends of a piece of ribbon. I cut some felt hearts and made a slit for buttoning work.  I think I will number these with puffy paint so that she can practice buttoning them in number order. (I will likely start with #11 and go to 20, since that is our focus right now.)
*Had a nostalgic moment while searching for ribbon- this brown and pink ribbon was used in my wedding decor!  I thought I had a closeup pic of the button snake- sorry. It's all contained in a red box with a cool toggle closure that Kenna loves.
:Letter V:
 Printable from COAH, we will use the pop blocks to make a V. We'll also use playdoh, candy Conversation hearts, and possibly even heart stickers before the week is over. It's in a sheet protector right now, but if we decide to decorate it with stickers, I'll just remove it.

Great printable from COAH, count the white hearts and match to our number rocks. (I was going to make some cute red clothspins to do some clipping, but alas, a sick baby took precedent. The printable actually comes with number cards, but Kenna has gotten overwhelmed in the past with two sets of similar looking cards, so I am going to use them for another activity.)
 Did I confuse you? This is how we'll match them up.
 :Coin Identification:
We are doing money this month, and this heart-shaped mat from is perfect for laying out and talking about coins. That nickel is still sooo tricky!  (You could of course put magnets, conversation hearts, or even pink m&ms on the mat instead.)
 Our first Hundreds Board. Two colors, and a key at the top telling us what numbers to color pink, and red. I think this is going to take all week. I also think that if she makes it through, and sees the fun heart picture we create, she'll be willing to do another one. We haven't counted higher than 31 yet, so this will be fun! I will link to this printable in a minute... when I find it again!

 :Size Sort:
Three sticker designs, in large and small. From Oriental Trading, I think? Sort them into two piles. We can also do some pattern work with these.
I drew some simple patterns in hearts. These cute silver hearts, in two sizes, can be laid out to match and then continue the patterns. (Ack!  Another throw-back to my wedding! These were the "scatters" on the table!)

: Sequencing:
Size sequencing hearts from COAH. (Seriously, check out all her amazing free printables. It will make your life easier!)

 :Water Transfer:
Kenna is going to FLIP!! I finally ordered some droppers from Amazon (initially for our Antarctica Iceberg work, but they didn't come on time) so now we can do small water transfer work! I also plan to do color mixing with our droppers. They were less than $5.00-- just splurge!
Anyhow, there is a jar of red water and a cup to transfer into. I really, really hope the babies don't pull this one off the shelf, since our new playroom has CARPET!  (*Post coming soon all about our new play and workspace!)
Pouring red and white pony beads between two creamers.
I am not a mushy, gushy kinda girl, but I do love hearts, the color pink, and any excuse for receiving chocolate... so BRING ON Valentine's Day!

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  1. We are doing a Valentine week, too! We actually have some of the same activities as you. I love some of the other ideas you came up with. You will have a fun week!

  2. A love your trays this week! The alphabet stickers over words that you write is so simple but a great idea that has never crossed my mind.

  3. So many great tray ideas! Thanks for linking up to Thematic Thursday.


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