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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sand Art, Toddler style

 Kenna is 35 months. I bought a few fun little crafts in an Oriental Trading Coop, and while some were super easy and age appropriate, I have to admit, a couple are kinda over Kenna's ability level. 

 Take this lil beauty, for instance. Sand art! It looked really fun in the pictures, but the art board is smaller than a postcard, and the bits to color in are sooo small. The sand came in itty bitty packets, and while the colors were vibrant, there were a lot of them. (kinda overwhelming to Kenna, who wanted to use all of them immediately.)

I let her lead the activity, and she really wanted to "color in the lines" nicely with the sand, so I took over the glue. I put a bit of glue, and then she sprinkled with a spoon. Since she went a little crazy with the sand, it didn't take long for all 6 packets of sand to be a giant pile of brownish purple sand on our tray. She could care less. As a matter of fact, as soon as I set her free from the fiddlely little art board, she grabbed a big piece of construction paper and got to work.

She squirted glue, sprinkled sand, shook the paper, and then recollected the sand in a bowl. It was awesome to watch. :)  We have done this activity every day this week now. We moved to glitter when we ran out of sand. I've mailed off sand/glitter art to every relative I know, just to get it out of here!  I am impressed with how tidy she is being, and how controlled she is with the glue. She even made some shapes with the glue, and some letters. WOW!  As it was drying, she enjoyed feeling the texture and smooshing the drying glue puedles.

Excuse me,  I have to go out and buy more sand. Maybe I should just get brown, since we all know that's where it will end up after lots of mixing!  


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